The 20 DE8 is an exceptional loudspeaker. It was designed by Michel VISAN, founder of DAVIS ACOUSTICS, who proudly claims 45 years of experience in the loudspeaker field. This “ultimate” broadband project represents the culmination of a career dedicated to high fidelity. It took a year to develop this HP!

The 20 DE8, like any good full-range, can be mounted in a planar baffle. Not only will you benefit from unfiltered listening, but you will also have no body noise. Total freedom which leads to absolutely transparent listening.

However, DAVIS has worked on a much more complex load to make this speaker work, and now offers a more compact solution. This column is called MV One. It will amaze you with its transparency and the multitude of details it allows you to hear.

External diameter : 223 mm
Diaphragm diameter : 182 mm
Cone : graphitée à fentes axiales
Sensitivity : 94 dB
Rated power : 50 W
Maximum power : 80 W
Frequency response: 38 – 20000
Independance : 8 Ohms
DC resistance : 7,3 Ohms
Voice Coil diameter : 54 mm

Voice coil wire : one layer flat aluminum wire
Voice coil support : Nomex dome core cover: aluminum
Motor weight : 5.7 kg
Magnet : Alnico 6 frustoconical
Magnetic field : 1.25 tesla (12,500 gauss)
Total flux : 216,000 maxwells
Directed core : copper ringed
Resonant frequency : 35 Hz
Total weight : 6.2 kg