Krypton 3

The KRYPTON 3 model was designed to benefit from the qualities of the KRYPTON range of speakers in small spaces (12 to 20 m2). This compact two-way model, with a laminar vent in front, is manufactured with the same concern of perfection as its two big sisters (Krypton 6 and 9).

It is ideally placed on heavy acoustic supports of about 60 cm in height (it can also be placed on a shelf or a desk).

Available in the 3 colors of the range (Nordik, Technik or Classik (see pictures)), this model will easily fit in any interior. The neutral character of the product ensures a quality listening for all musical genres (from classical to rock through variety, jazz or world music) and facilitates the association with many electronics.

The speaker is supplied with a tilted stand and non-slip pads. We recommend to leave a space of at least 30 cm with the rear and side walls, and to orient them slightly towards the listening area to obtain a good spatialization of the sound and a three-dimensional effect.

The quality of the transducers used and the optimized design of the crossover filter allow for long listening to music without hearing fatigue. Let yourself be seduced by the enveloping listening of this compact product!

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Bass reflex : Laminar port in front
Nominal power  : 80 W
Max power : 120 W
Number of ways : 2
Number of drivers : 2
Sensitivity : 90 dB
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB) : 55 -24000 Hz

Tweeter : 28mm fabric
Midrange/woofer : Kevlar 13 cm/5 inch
Dimensions (cm) : 25 (h) x 19 (l) x 27 (depth) [US : 14″ x 7 1/2 ” x  11″]
Weight (kg) : 5 (1 piece)
Impedance : 4…8 ohms
Frequency cut off : 4000 Hz