Ariane 2

The Ariane 2 is the big sister of the Ariane 1. With a 17 cm(6.5″) diameter boomer (instead of 13(5″)) and a tweeter a little bit thinner and more detailed (coil diameter 19 mm), it provides a wider bandwidth on both sides of the audible spectrum. It brings more bass and more extreme treble, making the listening more realistic. This compact speaker, easy to power, shows a beautiful sound opening and a sufficient output to be associated with many electronics. The DAVIS laboratory has worked to obtain a very linear sensitivity curve, in order to avoid emphasizing one part of the frequencies to the benefit of another. This ensures long hours of listening without auditory fatigue. The speaker is equipped with non-slip pads, which slightly tilt the speaker towards the back. In addition to an aesthetic effect, this allows the start of the coils of the two drivers to be aligned in the vertical plane. The propagation of sound is then improved. From an aesthetic point of view, the model is available in three different versions : Walnut (white front and walnut sides), light oak (with black front) and the more discreet black finish (6 black sides). The protective covers are rounded for a modern aesthetic effect.

Ariane 2 is an enclosure with a bass reflex charge, its decompression to the rear.
Also, it is advisable to leave a distance of about 30 cm from the wall.

This model is available in 3 finishes : Black, Walnut and Light Oak                                                                          

Type : bookshelf – 2 ways/2 drivers
Woofer : fiber glass 6.5″
Midrange :
Tweeter : 20 mm soft paper dome
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB) : 48…22000 Hz

Sensitivity : 90 dB
Power (nominal/max) : 90/120
Impedance : 5 mini Ohms
Dimensions (cm) : 34 (h) x 20.5 (l) x 26 (profondeur)
Weight (kg) : 6.2 (One piece)