On Wall XL

The perfect successor to the “Monitor One” model, the “XL” concept is designed to equip private cinemas and/or the living rooms of music lovers who prefer powerful, controlled sound.

This 2-way speaker, with its unusual shape (wider than it is deep), completes the “D-max” speaker range, a series of speakers with controlled high output.

It is currently the most powerful speaker in this range.

Equipped with a 31 cm diameter woofer with a large motor (double ferrite in opposition to condense the magnetic field in the air gap) and a large compression chamber (one-inch motor), the XL model achieves a very promising output: 97 dB, and covers a wide bandwidth (45…20,000 Hz).

It proudly claims to be made in France.

Davis has even gone so far as to manufacture its crossovers on air (and not on printed circuits) in its production workshop in Troyes (Aube – 10), using French components such as RAH inductors, SCR capacitors and OMERIN and HIFI Câbles et Cie internal cables.

The high efficiency of this loudspeaker, combined with a smooth, linear impedance curve, make the XL model one of the easiest to power on the market.

Just a few watts are enough. In other words, it can be combined with any type of amplification, including tubes of course (HIFI).

Home cinema enthusiasts will also be delighted, as the model is sold individually and can be ideally combined with the S, M and BASSON 88 models to create quality systems (5.1, 7.1 and more…).

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Bass reflex : circular port
Nom. power : 150 W
Max. power : 200 W
Number of ways : 2
Number of drivers : 2
Sensitivity : 97 dB
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) : 45 -20000 Hz

Tweeter : Compression
Woofer : 31 cm paper cone
Dimensions (cm) : 100 (h) x 50 (l) x 35 (depth)
Weight (kg) : 44 (one box)
Impedance : 4 ohms mini
Cut of frequency : 970 Hz