Having become famous in particular for the quality of its kits, DAVIS ACOUSTICS still offers them to the general public.

Below you will find the different kits that we offer, to assemble yourself.

However, this part is aimed at an informed audience.

Technical diagrams as well as assembly advice are also at your disposal, in particular through technical sheets in PDF format and for each kit to download free of charge here.

KLOE  –  KRISTEL  –  MV15  –  HOME THEATER  –  KLARENCE  –  MV414  –  MV4A  –  MV707

The KLOE Kit is a speaker that was designed with three exceptional speakers, providing a very wide bandwidth of 20 to 35,000 Hz.

This speaker satisfies both modern music lovers and classical aficionados by allowing them to listen to music at a realistic concert level without any frustration. However, it is important to note that the kit’s imposing size requires a suitable listening room, and the electronics and cables accompanying the speakers must be carefully chosen as their power of analysis is almost limitless.

This is the very first DAVIS kit made from a 15-inch woofer (39 GCA 15). To support the bass register, the 16 TK6-R was chosen as the “medium” reinforcement. Finally, the cone tweeter, also “in-house,” TW19K2F-R, takes over in the treble and goes beyond the audible frequencies. Suffice to say that this kit is made up of the three best DAVIS speakers of the moment, each in their category.

The subwoofer

is made of 25mm medit. Internally, compartment A (resonator) is lined with 15mm underlay or felt, as shown in the drawing. However, the lining of closed compartment B is not shown. Fill the volume with loose glass wool. Do not glue the bottom so that you can work on the HP or filter, but make sure to create a waterproof seal using rubson.

The medium box

is made of 22mm Medite and has underlay lining on all walls except for the facade. The internal volume is filled with dacron near the 20 TK8 and the vent to enhance the presence of the low-mid register. The effectiveness of this enhancement will depend on the specific installation environment of the Kristels.


To extend the 105 diameter opening, the interior side walls should be filed halfway up. As the passage around the TW26K2F is very small, it is recommended to solder the wires towards the inside. Please note that ferrite magnets are not conductive, unlike ticonal or alnico which are metallic.

Use the 109 mm housings to position the PVC “nicolls” fittings of length 115, which serve as spacers. The treble head should be attached by gluing with trapezoidal foam (125×300, h-200 with a thickness of 20).

High-power, high-efficiency 3-way speaker.
The mid-high cabinet can rotate.
Uses the most prestigious transducers in the  DAVIS  range for uncompromising reproduction.

Three-way speaker
Power: 200 W
Frequency response: 35 Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 94 dB
Bass load: labyrinth reflex
Filtering: 6 and 18 dB at 350 Hz and 3500 Hz
22mm MDF walls

Experience clarity, precision, and fullness with this high-power two-way speaker. Its labyrinth-reflex load eliminates the need for a subwoofer in pure hi-fi use.

The central speaker is a high-quality two-way model with a 13cm Kevlar membrane (ref. 13 KLV 5 AM) and an ultra-light moving tweeter (ref. TW 12 AM). The speaker is shielded to avoid any disturbance on the TV.

Two shielded rear speakers with Kevlar membrane and ferrofluidized TW 12 AM, ref. 13 KLV 5 AM, to avoid TV image disturbance.

Pentagonal-shaped subwoofer utilizing two 31 ST 12M speakers with pneumatic and electrical coupling. The unique design effectively eliminates any “box sounds” to deliver an impressive level of audio quality.

Glue a 15mm felt material to the back of the 22em, 20TK8 to cover the entire upper surface horizontally.
Also, cover the vertical back wall up to a height of 600mm, starting from the top (refer to the section).
Attach two 270 * 240 felt plates inside the side walls at the height of 20 TK8 (not shown).
Lastly, place a 200mm length on the partition facing the exit of the labyrinth.
Fill half of the volume of the upper rear corner with unpacked “DACRON”.

Make sure to seal the speakers and the facades perfectly with a “RUBSON” type gasket.

There is also the KALRENCE MV3 kit.

A brand new version of the Klarence kit

Youtube video

Two-way column speaker with separate tweeter
Power: 60W
Frequency response: 44Hz-20Khz
Sensitivity: 90dB
Bass load: labyrinth reflex
Filtering: 6 and 12 dB at 4kHz
Composition: 19 MP 6R bass-midrange, TW 26 T tweeter, FI 230 RP filter
Construction: 19mm MDF walls, 10mm thick interlayer foam

The first budget speaker that offers all the qualities of a genuine DAVIS ACOUSTICS speaker.

Two-way floor-standing speaker
Power: 80 W
Frequency response: 45Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Bass load: Bass reflex with Briggs filter
Filtering: 6 and 18 dB at 3500 Hz
Composition: Bass-midrange: 17 KVL 6A
TW Tweeter: 26 T
FI Filter: 280 A
19 mm MDF walls
Perforated hardboard for the Briggs filter

Designed to make the most of the famous 17 KVL 6 A from DAVIS ACOUSTICS, this advanced speaker integrates its support.

Three-way floor-standing speaker with separate mid-high box
Power: 100 W
Frequency response: 35Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Bass load: labyrinth reflex
Filtering: 6, 12 and 18 dB at 500 HZ and 4kHz
Composition: Bass 20 MC 8 R, Medium 13 KLV 5 MA Tweeter TW 26 T, FM 707 filter
19 mm MDF walls
20 mm thick interlayer foam.

An exceptional three-way speaker with a separate mid-treble subwoofer.

This is the latest version of the renowned MV7A.