The STELLAR model is a reference floor standing speaker.

Designed by Olivier VISAN, it represents the best of what is currently done in the field of sound reproduction. STELLAR was conceived from technical solutions that have proven their worth: noble and suitable materials for the membranes (carbon fiber, Kevlar and aramid fibers), for the magnetic motors (TiCoNAl), for the internal cabling (pure copper surrounded by silver), or for the structure of the speaker (reinforced Medium).

3 ways / 3 loudspeakers, a frequency crossover with steep and optimized slopes, designed from the best components on the market, STELLAR, like all the products to come in the range, is a model that has been designed without any concession.

Its shape (teardrop), its front panel (rectified with a bell mouth) and all the technologies used for its implementation make it a unique product, intended for the most demanding music lovers.

3-way for 3 speakers! So, it is quite natural that STELLAR uses only 3 drivers to retranscribe the whole audible bandwidth (and even more!):

– a woofer with carbon fiber membrane,

– a medium driver with TiCoNAl motor,

– a cone tweeter.

By limiting the number of emissive sources to 3 transducers, we increase the clarity of the message.

The product is available in a timeless and discreet black finish (matte front and lacquered sides). However, STELLAR is also available in the finish of your choice: metallic coating, color gradient, marble effect…

Let your imagination guide you in deciding the unique shade of your speakers.

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Bass reflex : rear decompression event
Nominal power : 200 W
Max power : 300W  
Number of way : 3
Number of drivers : 3
Sensitivity : 90.5 dB
Frequency response : 30 -30000 Hz

Tweeter : cone tweeter  20 mm kevlar
Midrange :  Kevlar 17 cm 
Woofer : 25 cm carbone
Dimensions (cm) : 130 et 135 avec with stand (h) x 33 (l max) x 60 (profondeur totale)
Weight (kg) :  100/enceinte (une caisse par enceinte)
Impedance : 8 ohms (5 mini)
Cut frequency : 300Hz et 3000 HZ