They love DAVIS, and they say it!

Pierre De Gaule
Mr de Gaulle listens on DAVIS ACOUSTICS !
He owns both NIKITA 3.0 and MV ONE Master models
Philippe Starck was captivated by the elegant curves of the black lacquered Davis Vinci.
Christian Audigier had a white Davis Karla delivered to his yacht.
Michel Sardou is currently listening to César Vintage while at his country house.

Tom has some large speakers in his living room that use our speaker technology.


Arnold, who is of Austrian origin and passionate about classical music, treated himself to DAVIS speakers.

The Farinelli film soundtrack was mixed at a recording studio equipped with HP Davis technology, resulting in an exceptional medium.

Canadian journalist Jan-Erik Noerdoen bought the Olympia One Master in June 2016 after testing it for “Le Magazine Son et Image”.

Davis Acoustics has an international presence, with around 25% of activity. In July 2015, more than 130 pairs of >Olympia One Master were purchased to provide sound to ministries in Korea.
 Davis Acoustics was the company who installed the audio system for the Chamber of Deputies in Lebanon.