Krypton 10


The Krypton 10 is the most advanced model in the Krypton series.

Its main difference from its smaller counterparts (Krypton 6 and 9) is the use of two 21 cm diameter bass drivers, connected in parallel and coupled to a laminar port on the front panel, which ensures a powerful and authoritative low end. Despite the strong bass, this speaker maintains the high-quality sound that DAVIS is known for, with realistic and detailed midrange and treble.

It is designed for large living rooms and is best paired with high-quality electronics to create the atmosphere of a concert hall.

Simply place the speakers on either side of your living room, connect them to your hi-fi system, and be transported by the emotion of the music.



Bass reflex : évent laminaire en façade
Nominal power : 175 W
Max power : 250 W
Number of ways : 3
Number of drivers  : 4
Sensitivity : 93,5 dB
Frequency response (+/- 3 dB) :  32-24000 Hz

Tweeter : 28mm tissus
Midrange : Kevlar 13 cm
Woofer : 2x21cm pulpe de cellulose
Dimensions (cm) : 108 (h) x 23 (l) x 35 (profondeur)
Weight (kg) : 28 (un carton)
Impedance : 4…8 ohms
Frecuency cut off : 400-4000Hz