“THE WALL” is the name we gave to this imposing product by its size, but also by its technical performances, to re-launch the HERITAGE range.


This large rectangular parallelepiped (height: 51″ (1.30 m), width: 28″ (0.70 m) and 12″ (30 cm of depth)), hides two woofers in a push-pull load to guarantee an impressive descent in the deep bass frequencies. It is also equipped with a TiCoNAl magnet driver that works almost in full range and is topped by a cone tweeter, a DAVIS specificity, to extend the bandwidth in the extreme high range, and obtain a wide and almost realistic sound stage.


To this unique design, DAVIS has associated highly technical drivers to obtain a spectacular and resounding acoustic solution. With “The wall”, you will rediscover your favorite recordings in the best possible conditions, without the frustration of lack of low frequencies or high frequencies highlightings.


Located halfway between a vintage type speaker and a real piece of furniture, this “sound wall” represents a brand new concept of acoustic speakers. A decorative object par excellence, it has been designed to break with the usual design of competing products, and to reconcile high fidelity with interior design.


The two speakers that make up the pair of “The Wall” are perfectly symmetrical. You can position them either

To work perfectly, they should be associated with the best electronics on the market. You can ask your dealer for advice or contact us directly at


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• 35000 Rennes HIFI 35
• 75003 Paris Elecson KLS

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