The MV One Master is a floorstanding speaker equipped with a single driver: a full range driver.

This 20 cm (8 inches) diameter loudspeaker is able to reproduce low, medium and high frequencies. It was conceived by Michel VISAN, founder of DAVIS Acoustics, and represents his ultimate creation (nearly 1000 hours of research to find the right compromise between the dimensioning of the magnetic motor, the weight of the mobile parts, the choice of materials…).

It constitutes for the audiophile an ultimate quest, because the whole bandwidth is reproduced by a single emissive source (a single moving coil). This avoids the problems of overlapping frequencies between the different drivers.


This new version of a one-way floor standing speaker (the first one dates back to 2012) allows, in addition to a grounding of all the metal parts of the loudspeaker, three possible connections including the Direct mode. This mode allows the user to connect his amplifier directly to the drive unit, without any electronic components. This results in an outstanding listening spontaneity (no loss of dynamics!).

Two other operating modes have been added, to be able to benefit from this ultimate listening in small rooms.

The very good efficiency of the loudspeaker, accompanied by a constant impedance curve, and a linear frequency response curve, make this loudspeaker the ideal companion of all amplifiers on the market, including those with very low power (including tube amplifiers).

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Bass reflex : port in the front
Nom. power : 150 W
Max. power  : 200 W
Number of ways : 1
Number of drivers  : 1
Sensitivity  : 93,5 dB (in direct mode)
Frequency range  (+/- 3 dB) : 40 -20000 Hz

Speaker : full range 21 cm : 20 DE 8
Dimensions (cm) : 100 (h) x 27 in the front and 23 at the back (l) x 50 (depht)
Weight (kg) :  49 (one box)
Impedance : 8 ohms mini
cut of frequency  :

Full description

“A full range loudspeaker is defined as a loudspeaker that reproduces as much of the audible spectrum as possible. It is, in principle, designed to be used alone and not in combination with speakers specialized in one part of the audible spectrum, its design having to allow it to reproduce both the low and high frequencies… There are also high-end full-range speakers, much appreciated by some high-fidelity enthusiasts.” – (Wikipedia)

It is this last sentence that will interest us to present the MV One Master speaker!

As a good loudspeaker manufacturer, DAVIS Acoustics has created, in the early 2010s, a racing transducer, able to reproduce the totality of audible frequencies: the now famous “20 De8”. Its magnetic motor (7 Kgs) has been completed by a copper ring which makes the impedance constant (ideal for the amplifier).

Available alone, this drive unit has been mounted by many audiophiles in different loads (flat baffle (for a total freedom of its movement), but also more complex loads…).

Today, DAVIS launches a new production of loudspeakers equipped with this driver. It naturally integrates the DREAM range, a range which carries its name particularly well…

This new version is a nice size column (1m x 0.5 m x 0.27 m), available in 3 finishes of natural wood veneer (bamboo, tamo, ebony) and in black piano, which has several modes of operation. In addition to that, DAVIS proposes to connect all the metallic parts of the speaker to the ground of your Hifi system.

The product is of course proposed with a magnetized protection grid and decoupling spikes.

Haut-parleur 20DE8 large bande
Bornier enceinte MV One Master Davis Acoustics

At the back of your speaker, at the terminal block, you will find 3 “-” terminals. Each of them corresponds to a different listening mode. You will thus have the possibility of 3 modes detailed as follows:

MODE 1 : or DIRECT mode connects your amplifier directly to the driver, without any filtering. To keep a perfect signal, the study of the internal cable was entrusted to the brand ESPRIT (France) (which uses a pure copper of quality 5n, a total section of 6.5 mm2, on nearly 1500 wires), the solderings are realized with a mixture tin-Silver, the terminal blocks are of German origin (WBT).

We recommend a distance of 3 or 4 meters minimum for an optimized listening. The dynamics are at their maximum. For this reason, we have created a mode 2:

MODE 2: or PROXI mode adds an RLC circuit (or cork circuit) that very slightly attenuates a part of the audible spectrum in the midrange and upper midrange/treble. It allows the speakers to be used in small rooms, subtly reducing the level between 600 and 7000 Hz. The purified crossover uses high quality components (including a Mundorf capacitor), to preserve all the dynamic qualities of the speaker. Listening at 2.5 m from the speaker is possible, even with “muscular” electronics.

The MODE 3 : or FT mode (for Foot-Tapping) consists in slightly increasing the level of bass and treble of the speaker. It nevertheless preserves the main character of the listening of a wide band, by ensuring a realistic, transparent and free side of the recording. This mode also makes it possible to listen to the loudspeaker in small rooms (with a weak distance (2 to 3 meters)).

The 3 listening modes remain nevertheless close to each other. Davis wanted to allow the installation of the new MV One in any interior. To reach its level of requirement, there is no doubt that the MV One MASTER owner will play on the connection (1, 2 or 3) of the speakers, in addition to the usual adjustments (positioning and orientation of the columns, choice of the associated electronics…).

Davis Acoustics MV One Master finitions et pied

To facilitate integration into your interior, DAVIS has opted for a new design, both contemporary and timeless. The shapes are simple and effective. The speaker is trapezoidal (front 27 cm, back 23 cm), it is tilted backwards by 7° (like the whole Courbet range) and rests on a black matte profiled base to stabilize it. The front panel, of the same color, absorbs light and avoids any shiny effect.

The speaker is delivered with a magnetic cover (as acoustically transparent as possible), as well as a set of decoupling spikes, which can be screwed (or not) under the speaker.

In the case of listening rooms particularly difficult to sound, various solutions of support (not supplied) exist. Do not hesitate to ask your authorized dealer for advice.

The sides, top and back are covered with a real wood veneer. four options are available:

“Black and White” ebony, heavily grained, which will fit easily into either very modern or very classic interiors,

golden bamboo, with its tiny inimitable knots, which should please more rustic living rooms.

Tamo ash is an amazing wood veneer with golden reflexions,

Black Hi-gloss is also available

Report Mexican Audio magazine – C.ESTEREO