210 ROT2 PRO

The unique sound of DAVIS ACOUSTICS in this in-wall speaker! The slim-edged cover allows the speaker to be virtually hidden in the ceiling/wall.

21 cm Kevlar coaxial woofer + double tweeter integrated into a fixed frame.

The IN-WALL loudspeaker, as its name suggests, is an in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker. With its small footprint and discreet design, it can replace a more conventional loudspeaker.

The 210 ROT2 PRO is easy to install, simply by making a perfectly round hole 252 mm in diameter, but to help you, a paper model is supplied with all speakers.

Then simply remove the magnetized protective grille. Once the grille has been removed and the loudspeaker wired (either by soldering or by terminal block), all you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver. Then simply turn the 4, 6 or 8 screws (depending on the model), so that small hooks clamp the loudspeakers in place.

INWALL loudspeakers like the 210 ROT2 PRO don’t pretend to replace bookshelf loudspeakers, whose load volume and crossover have been optimized, but special care has been taken to ensure their sound quality: woven Kevlar fiber driver, double textile dome tweeter.

The intrinsic characteristics of the loudspeakers used mean that they can operate with either almost infinite or reduced rear load. Depending on the rear volume, the level of low frequencies will be slightly modified.

Recommended volume: 10 to 15 liters for 210 ROT2 PRO.

Technical information :

The 210 ROT2 PRO is an INCEILING loudspeaker for ceiling or wall mounting.

It comprises a 210 mm diameter driver with kevlar cone, and a central support containing 2 tweeters.

1 tweeter for the left channel, 1 tweeter for the right. The 210 mm woofer is a dual-coil driver.

To operate the 210 ROT2 PRO, you need to power it with two pairs of cables, as if you had a pair of speakers:

1 pair of cables (+ and -) for a tweeter and a woofer coil,

The second pair of cables for the second tweeter and the second woofer coil.

The tweeters are positioned on a support that’s not flat (about 20° between each), so if you’re a few meters away from the product, you’ll have to be careful,

You get the impression of a stereophonic effect.


Max power : 150 W
Installation depth : 97 mm
Woofer : 21 cm kevlar
Crossover frequency : 40-21 KhZ
Efficiency : 90 dB

Impedance : 8 Ohms
Inwall size : 292 mm (D)
Mounting hole : 252 mm (D)
Weight : 1,7 kg (pièce)