Atmosphere MK2

The ATMOSPHERE MK2 is a “bi-polar” surround speaker model, i.e. it has speakers directed towards different planes. It is this technique, well known to home cinema specialists, that DAVIS ACOUSTICS has chosen to design this surround model.

The speaker is to be positioned at 3⁄4 of the room height (at 1.80 m from the floor for a ceiling height of 2.40 m for example).This model is the ideal complement to the DHAVANI MK2 or MANI MK2s (for the main channels) and the STENTAURE MK2 center channel. All these models have the same tweeter for a greater sound cohesion.

Once seated, the listener will have a “surround” sound that will wander over his head, without being able to determine the precise source of the sound. It is this lack of reference that will immerse the viewer in the soundtrack of the film or concert, and give the impression of being immersed in the action, as in a real Theater.

Position this speaker on the wall, in a perfectly symmetrical way (either on the sides, at the level of the sofa, or on the back wall). The speaker is equipped with two wall clips that allow you to easily attach it to the wall with two screws.

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Bass reflex : circular port
Nominal Power: 100 W
Max Power: 120 W
Number of ways  : 2
Number of drivers : 4
Sensitivity: 92 dB
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) : 55 – 20000 Hz

Tweeter : 2 x 25 mm fabric
Médium : 2 x fiber glass 13 cm
Dimensions (cm) : 29 (h) x 35 (l) x 18 (depth)
weight (kg) : 11 (one piece/one pair)
Impedance : 4…8 ohms
Frequency cut off: 3000Hz