Our Krypton 6 and Courbet N°3 models have been rewarded once again!!

“Two noble, high-spirited, affordable speakers by French specialist Davis have been awarded this year:

-The Davis Acoustics Krypton 6 is an elegant, sleek, high-performance speaker.

A speaker to put on the ground. It is very well finished and works with any music, it is mature and engaging.

The fact that it is above all equipped with a very good performance, allows to use it with any reasonable amplifier.

Davis’ pair with this powerful sound makes her a potentially favorite speaker.

-The Davis Acoustics Courbet N°3 is a beautiful compact speaker with an excellent balance and liveliness.

It plays much bigger than its compact dimensions suggest and above all, there is its human “character” which is always at the service of music. I bow.

Thomas Schmidt – HIFI TEST Editor – Germany

A little reading in German? DavisAcoustics_GdJ_HT123