Located halfway between the ARIANE and COURBET ranges, the KRYPTON speaker series sets new standards in its category. Design, manufacturing, compactness, advanced techniques… All the essential components have been rethought to ensure quality products and an unequalled price/performance ratio.

The word KRYPTON pays tribute to a speaker model created at the end of the 80s. At the very beginning of the DAVIS adventure.

Very little distributed, it nevertheless marked the spirits by the whole of the embarked techniques and by the crystalline listening which left from it.

The DAVIS sound identity was born!

A slight incline to line them all up !

Like the models of the Courbet range, each floorstanding models of the KRYPTON series rests on a solid base that tilts the speaker slightly towards the back. In addition to a particularly successful aesthetic effect, this angle makes it possible to align the tweeter and midrange coils in the vertical axis. This alignment ensures an ideal phasing of these two transducers. In listening, one has the impression to hear only one emissive source. The perfect cohesion of this bandwidth is essential to obtain a quality sound.

 “State-of-the-art technology at the service of music”

This formula, which was the first slogan of DAVIS ACOUSTICS in 1986, and which has never left the intention of its laboratory, is more than ever relevant. As a reference in the manufacture of high-end loudspeakers since its beginnings, DAVIS has worked on each of the transducers that make up these loudspeakers, in order to find appropriate solutions to significantly reduce distortion and consequently to improve the veracity of the message.

Every shine!

The tweeter, for example, has a tapered rear chamber to capture the back wave of the dome. The high frequencies thus seem freer, less compressed. They fill the room more easily, without any aggressiveness. Here again, the technology used is derived from the study carried out for the Courbet range.

The material used for the dome is a particularly fine impregnated fabric, like silk, which allows for a subtle and detailed sound, well beyond the audible frequencies, without ever “clashing”.

Every voice!

Considered by many as a master in midrange, DAVIS, for the KRYPTON range, uses once again its famous 13 cm diameter woven membrane. Yellow for the black finish, and black for the two other colors.

With this unique material, associated with a particularly reflected cone profile, you will have the impression of receiving the singer in the middle of your living room. Every detail of the voice will be accurately reproduced.


Every roar!

Treated and damped cellulose cones have been chosen for the KRYPTON “towers”. Particularly light and sufficiently rigid, the membranes will move with celerity during each bass hit. The rear part of the speaker has been worked to facilitate the air flow in the different volumes of the speakers, and the dedicated magnetic motor is powerful enough to control the movement of the moving coils.

Attention to detail, every detail!

Because you will see your speakers all year long in your living room… DAVIS has opted for 3 “trendy” finishes in warm and soothing colors :

The NORDIK finish, composed of light wood, a white (and matte!) front and a cover covered with a gray mottled fabric, ideal for modern interiors and for matching with Scandinavian furniture,

The TECHNIK finish, all black with a matte front panel and a dark mottled cover. A sober and discreet design where only the yellow loudspeaker stands out, as a nod to the DAVIS logo,

And finally the CLASSIK version, in walnut with a grey front and a brown mottled fabric, for more cosy atmospheres.

Of course, the loudspeakers are equipped with large terminal blocks capable of receiving “banana” plugs, forks or stripped cables of strong sections.