“The Stage is our new model in the Heritage range. We’re presenting it exclusively this week at the Munich Show!

To describe this new loudspeaker in a few words: it’s the physical miniature of its big sister THE WALL. In the same way, it plunges you into the heart of the music with uncommon spontaneity and naturalness, thanks to all the on-board technologies specific to Davis Acoustics. The soundstage it creates will give you unique sensations, just like at a concert.

“The Stage” will be available in the following finishes: walnut and black lacquer.

Technically, this column is equipped with a 25 cm kevlar TiCoNaL and a 25 mm glass fiber/aramid tweeter.

With an efficiency of 91.5 dB, a frequency response of 40…20,000 Hz, a minimum impedance of 6 ohms and a nominal/maximum power handling of 100/150W, it’s sure to impress!

The Heritage range is a NEW CONCEPT.

Halfway between a vintage loudspeaker and a real piece of furniture, these “sound walls” represent a completely new concept in loudspeakers. A decorative object par excellence, they have been designed to break away from the usual design of competing products, and reconcile very high fidelity with interior design. To this unique design, DAVIS has combined highly technical loudspeakers to create a spectacular and resounding acoustic solution. With “The Wall” or “The Stage”, you’ll be able to rediscover your favorite recordings in the best possible conditions, without the frustration of a lack of low frequencies or high-frequency highlights.

If you’re visiting Munich, our team will be delighted to help you discover and listen to this range and our new “The Stage” model. See you in room A 4.2-F205.

If you can’t make it, we’ll post more photos on our social networks. In the meantime…


   Weight 55 ibs and dimensions : h x l x p : 39 x 20 x 9 inch