The origin of this model ?

Following the launch of the STELLAR* model in 2021, our catalog clearly lacked a range capable of bridging the gap between the slim, elegant speakers in our Courbet range. We therefore decided to create a new product line: a series of more massive loudspeakers, incorporating cutting-edge technologies derived not only from the work carried out on the Stellar, but also from all the studies carried out since the creation of the brand, hence its name: HERITAGE.

THE WALL, the largest model in this forthcoming series, opens the ball. This beautifully dimensioned rectangular parallelepiped (height 1.30 m (width 0.7 m and depth 0.3 m) is a radical departure from the usual sound reproduction systems, both aesthetically and technically.

Given its imposing size, we opted for an ultra-simple design, with no frills or unnecessary gilding, and a real wood veneer finish so that it blends into the interior like a piece of furniture. With no logo on the front, the speaker’s unique shape is enough to identify it from the current market offering.

The next step was to match this monolith weighing almost 100 Kgs (88 Kgs to be exact) with an exceptional sounding product. We decided to use a push-pull loading system for the bass (a loading we’ve already used in the past with the KARLA model), combined with a very lightly filtered full-range driver (therefore very free, like our MV One Master model) and, of course, the brand’s iconic tweeter (a cone tweeter with incomparable energy), to finalize the top of the bandwidth. The result is a full sound, with a bass that easily invades a large room, and a very natural, high-pitched midrange. “Spontaneity” is truly the word that characterizes listening to THE WALL, so easily does the music propagate in the listening room.

*: our 3-way reference speaker, available in an infinite number of finishes and incorporating all the best DAVIS technologies.

Speaker technical specifications:

Efficiency: 92.5 dB – Bandwidth: 30 … 20,000 Hz – Min. impedance: 4 ohms (@ 100 Hz) – Max. power: 200 W

Drivers characteristics:

– cone tweeter: coil diameter 25 mm (1″) / metal dispersion bullet

– midrange driver: 20 cm (8″) kevlar cone – TiCoNAl magnetization

– woofer: 21 cm diameter with carbon cone (x2)