Krypton C

The Krypton C is a central speaker that has been designed to be associated with the other models of the range (KRYPTON 3, 6 and 9), in a home cinema configuration. It is therefore perfectly homogeneous not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a technical point of view. On the technical side: It uses the same tweeter and the same 13 cm drivers as the 3, 6 and 9 models.

Available in the 3 colors of the range (Nordik, Technik or Classik (see photos)).

On the technical side: It uses the same tweeter and the same 13 cm drivers as the models of our Krypton range. The technical team has worked on each of the transducers to bring transparency and veracity to the sound message. The 13 cm diameter driver, composed of its Kevlar membrane (7th generation) and a machined metal dispersion ogive, ensures the reproduction of the midrange frequencies. The new tweeter of the range, equipped with a back decompression chamber and a dome in impregnated fabric of 28 mm of diameter, takes care of the high frequencies (4000 to 24 000 Hz).

On the presentation: Here again, we wanted to keep the seductive side of the Krypton, by offering 3 different finishes particularly “Trendy”. Magnetized covers, mottled fabrics, metallic ogives… find all the strong aesthetic markers of the range in this central speaker. Ideally positioned in the HIFI cabinet, under the TV set, we advise you to configure the speaker in Small mode (cut-off at 80 Hz). This will increase its power handling. The central speaker must be placed perfectly in the center of the two left and right speakers

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Bass reflex : évent laminaire 
Puissance nominale : 80 W
Puissance maximale : 120 W
Nombre de voies : 2
Nombre de haut-parleurs  : 3
Rendement : 91 dB
Bande passante (+/- 3 dB) : 50 -24000 Hz

Tweeter : 28mm tissus
Médium : Kevlar 13 cm
Woofer :
Dimensions (cm) : 15.5 cm (h) x 50 cm (l) x 22 cm (profondeur)
Poids (kg) : 8.5 (un carton)
Impédance : 4…8 ohms
Fréquence de coupure : 400-4000Hz